Welcome to the Master of Fire 🔥

(the MOF for close friends…)

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A bouldering open in Brussel’s newest bouldering spot: Le camp de base !

WHEN? 15th of October 2022

WHERE? Brussels

WHY? Because it’s going to be epic!

Are you on 🔥 ???

Inscription has started and places are limited to 300 persons.

Filling rate

The plan

Not less than 50 boulders (from easy to extreme, green to yellow or Font5+ to Font8A) where all your skills will be tested! Perseverance, intelligence, power and style are strongly required.

Don’t be shy, it’s open to all climbers from very beginner 🐒 to Olympic medal winner 🦧

Only 6 and 6 will compete in 4 final’s problems like in the old days format (4min+) and 3 specials guests to speak and put the music high :



X Sebastien BERTHE 🦩



Who will be the very first Master and Mistress of 🔥 ?

We will celebrate them with an after-party with the genius Ambassadeur Savon 🧼 to ignite the dancefloor!

Competition format

  • 50 brand new boulders from easy to extreme (green to yellow = Font5+ to Font8A…):

🟢x4 🟠x6 🔵x7 🟣x10 🔴x10 ⚫️x7 🟡x6

  • Each problem is worth 1000 points to be shared between the climbers. All the previous problems are validated if all the problems of a color are topped.
    • 🎁 Raffle of gifts for all competitors.
  •  6 finalists climbing 4 final’s boulder problems like in the old days (4min+ format).
    • 💰 10.000 € prize money for the podiums (2.500/1.500/1.000).
  • The complet rules of the MOF can be found HERE.


Dave Graham
Belgian Climbing Team
Hannah Meul and Yannick Flohé


Check-in for Dawn Wave | 8:00 to 8:45 (BRIEFING AT 8:50)

Dawn Wave | 9:00 to 12:30

Check-in for Dusk Wave | 12:30 to 13:15 (BRIEFING AT 13:20)

Dusk Wave | 13:30 to 17:00
Finals | 19:00 to 21:30

Podiums | 21:45

After-party | 22:00 to 01:45

Closing gates | 02:00


  • There is a 25 € entry fee for the competitors which must be paid on registration only. Tickets are nominative and will not be refunded or exchanged.
  • If completing a booking on behalf of someone else the initial section should be completed with the competitors details. Payment details are added at the end.
  • All competitors must be sufficiently experienced to climb without supervision and must have and insurance covering the risks related to his sporting practice and liability insurance.

Under 18s

  • The minimum age for competitors is strictly 14 years old on 15/10/2022. Please note there will be NO problems set for children. They will compete on the qualifying circuit as set for adults. Although the competition is a fun day, it is set for adults so please be aware of this if bringing your under 18 along to compete.
  • For minors not accompanied by a parent also participating in the competition, a parental authorization will be required and must be sent by email at mof@lecampdebase.be before 10/10/2022.

 Parental authorization (English version)

 Autorisation parentale (version française)


First come first served. Limited seats and spectator area.

No bags will be allowed on the staging.

You can watch the Final live stream on the following link (will be updated on the 15th).

Sustainability area

Info released soon 🌱


Some physiotherapist friends will be present for drop-in sessions (open to competitors only) from 10:00 to 17:00. They’ll start as first come first served drop-in sessions, but if they get really busy then they’ll switch to 15 minute slots!

These sessions are all offered free of charge but a bucket will be available and donations will allow a voluntary carbon contribution via an approved organization (to be determined).

Food truck

Some food trucks will be available from 12:00 to 20:00 and it will be only vegetarian for you little rabbits.

Getting here / Parking


Le camp de base, Chaussée de Boondael 210 C, 1050 Brussels

Get directions


Due to the already huge popularity of the event, there will be limited parking available in the street and we don’t have our own parking lot.

❌ Our bicycle parking will be closed the whole day so try to park your bike in the street.

We would be honored if you would leave your scooters and bicycles (LIME, UBER, …) in the spaces provided for this purpose and not in front of the neighbors’ entrance doors 🙏🏻

The best scenario is that you walk / cycle / get the bus, tram or train down or use some floo powder! If this isn’t possible, then please try to lift share.

Partners Friends Sponsors
Partners Friends Sponsors

Thank you to our partners who trust and help us in the organization of this first edition ❤️

At 1km down the street is the historical mountain gear shop LECOMTE. The best place in Brussels to equip any passion related to the mountains!

They have been supporting us since the beginning of our journey and they keep doing so by preparing some surprises for the competitors…

Are you on 🔥 ?

Inscription has started and places are limited to 300 persons.

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remaining before the competition.

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